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The Unofficial Bestseller Experiment Book Club

So, I’ve done websites and podcasts and now an online book club. Probably the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done to date but wow, was it enjoyable and some of the questions they asked me were really smart. Lots of stuff I couldn’t answer to fear of spoiling book two. In fact, I was interviewed on the day I had just finished the first draft of The Quantum Curators and the Enemy Within. So it was all very fresh in my mind and I really wanted to share it with them. Maybe next time?

Due to the fun and games of Covid-19 the talk was done via an online portal and has been recorded for posterity. Eek!  The bookclub is online and you can watch it yourself, although to watch the full interview I think you need to join the reading group.


Interview with Sami Valentine

Now this was fun. Sami is an Urban Fantasy author and invited me to answer a series of questions, which were brilliant. The interview went up on her website and in a few weeks I will host her answers on my website. A really smart way to start introducing readers to new authors.

You can see the full interview below.


Ink and Sage

This is a great little podcast that simply gives feedback on opening pages. I sent in my first page of an early draft, and waited. I found the experience fascinating; the reader had got to the genre instantly and had also picked up other qualities, action, humour, adventure. The reader found the conversation hard to follow so I paid attention to that during my edits.

So, my first toe into the wider world with my project and I enjoyed it.

My section starts at five minute and the commentary starts at six minutes